Geographic Information Systems

The data from the Georgia Archaeological Site File computer databases have been imported into two GIS, or Geographical Information Systems. These computer systems allow researchers to use the data to look at the spatial relationships between archaeological sites, between archaeological sites and geographic features, and to produce maps depicting these relationships easily. The maps below, which show several public archaeological sites and major rivers, illustrate the power of this research tool.

More information on the public archaeological sites can be found at the Society for Georgia Archaeology web page in Public Archaeology Sites in the Georgia section.
1 The Nacoochee Indian Mound
2 New Echota Historic Cherokee Capital
3 Etowah Indian Mounds
4 Sweetwater Creek Historic Mill
5 Rock Eagle Effigy Mound
6 Ocmulgee National Monument
7 The Historic Town of Florence
8 Kolomoki Indian Mounds
9 Fort King George
10 Fort Frederica

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