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The Georgia Archaeological Site File (GASF) is the official repository for information about known archaeological sites of all periods in the state of Georgia. Since its founding in 1976, it has become the primary source for documentation about Georgia Archaeology for archaeologists everywhere. The GASF contains many different types of information about archaeological sites, including locations, cultural periods, and information relating to the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to these site-based resources, the GASF houses over 3,400 Cultural Resource Management (CRM) reports from investigations in Georgia and over 700 manuscripts from archaeological research connected with the University of Georgia. This web page contains a variety of on-line resources, all of which are available to the general public. Because specific information concerning the location and contents of archaeological sites are protected by Georgia Law (OCGA 50-18-72 [a][10]) direct access to the complete information held by the GASF is restricted to qualified archaeologists and archaeology students. For more information please contact us.

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